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Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"Not a good environment victimized, once you excel, they investigate you as they do not want to pay you the commission. too many excuses and racist seniors!"

Homecare Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The company is more into reducing headcount to reduce operational costs in order to make their annual profits at the expense of efficiency and quality."

Clinical sales rep (Current Employee) says

"As a sales rep in the healthcare department, I initially enjoyed my job because I was passionate about getting my customers the best service. As time went on and due to the lack of team work, I started to hate my job and eventually resent everyone I was forced to work with. If only we had more team building events, it would help us to get to know team members at a different level and environment which would enable one to show empathy for the next person. I really didn't like how I had to literally beg the next person to do their job and the lack of enthusiasm when asking for help was terrible. My boss was amazing though. Very supportive and inspirationalCompany car. Study bursaries. Flexible hours.Unrealistic targets, Not enough employees therefore overworked and unhappy people, No investment in marketing."

Senior Buyer and Assistant to Purchasing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Hard work Learnt how to work on SAP Management could learn to work better with staff Good Culture in Afrox Hardest part of working for Afrox was the uncertainty of having a job with all the restructuring in the company"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I couldn't wait to leave the company. its a great company to work for if you know write people in write places. There are lots of Afrox employees who are under paid, and those same people are hard workers and those same people go over the limit to satisfy their customers. I would like to request Head of procument to review all the employees salaries from production filling plants and the Warehouses. Head of procument is the man who motivates staff to educate themselves in order to grow their careers within Afrox when he does branch visits. I wold also like to find out from someone in HR how does the grading thing works? You will find out that you are all doing the same job and you are all in same grade but there will be a difference of more than R10 000 or someone is in grade 5 earning more than someone in grade 10 or 12. At Afrox they provide intensive training and you learn a lot in a short space, its really a great company to kick start your career. I believe the salaries will be resolved one day and I will encourage my kids to work for Afrox once done their studies.bursaries, provident fund, 13 chequeflexible hours"

Unit Panner (First Line Manager) says

"Less Communication between management and floor Production Improvements, Liaising with staff, Control, management skill Co-workers respected my decesion making Co-workers realidsed that my planning skills are helping the unit in many ways Co workers liked the way I give direction and the way I communicate with them Hardest part of the job is when senior management make decisions without involving me as part of management Most enjoyable part of my job is when I see my plans running and compiling weekly reports to senior management and when we are in production meetingsEnjoy Having team building sesions example BRAAI to celebrate our successI do not work long hours or overtime because I simulate my plans before implementations"

Key Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Scrutinizing daily/weekly/monthly sales reports to ensure all gaps are pro-actively managed. Attending to selected telephone service calls the sales centre receives while in the office (Key Accounts service calls) Delegating my travel plans to the sales and services assistant as she initiates all travel arrangements via Travel IT or Afrox travel. Attending to my administration from previous week to ensure all projects are updated. Having a final look at the new weeks plan and attending to any administration I may need to perform beforehand.Travelling, meeting new people, Customer InteractionExcessive travelling, long working hours"

Retail Centre Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I am thankful for the opportunity given to jump start my career, it is a good company to work for, has lots of opportunities to develop yourself."

Talent Acquisition Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Challenging Lots of changes regularly, causes instability. Travel can be a lotCanteen only at H/O"

Logistics Systems analyst (Current Employee) says

"Afrox is a good place to work to kick start your career and learn about the business of gases. There are many departments to that you can learn from if there is good collaboration.Market Related pay, good benefitsLittle opprotunity, unstable, job security a concern"

production manager (Former Employee) says

"good company to work for producing good quality products dedicated workforcefree bees when target reachedsometimes will work longer hours"

Quality Inspector (Current Employee) says

"1.Overwhelming2.Different cultures and different characters3.Too relaxed and that makes their reportees as well relaxed4.The greatest and loving5.When you reject an item that doesn't meet the requirements and your Line Manager order you to let it pass.6.When you get an incentive for going extra milesfree lunchlong hours when needed"

Instrumentation Apprentice (Current Employee) says

"Good working environment at all times I have learned a lot in Instrumentation better than what used to think before. Good management Work ethics is on point Not getting payed for overtime Social eventsProduvtiveUnpayed overtime"

HR Business Partner (Current Employee) says

"Typical day involve interaction with clients on HR matters. Culture a bit challenging in that its still rigid. Co- workers include specialists in different fields of HR. In the team there is a balance of work and laughter at the same time. Laughter is what I enjoy most within the team. Learned to know when to be modest and when to drive the message in a way that is unambigous.Benefits goodTechnology"

Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"I see to deliveries in the morning , sort incoming mail and outgoing. Attend to cleaners queries while answering switchboard and directing calls. Monitor if telephones are still being used within the limit. Management normally comes with tasks for me to carry out e.g type out a document and I attend to those. Normally i Don't take lunch as no one really wants to sit on switchboard even though they get paid for it. The part would be getting multiple tasks at the same time which are all urgent, rude customers and employees. Employees alking bad about me behind my backGiving good service to staff and customers and being acknowledged for it. Normal working hoursNot taking Lunch"

Executive Secretary (Current Employee) says

"PA's are not developed in Afrox and the position is almost like a death sentance. I have attended numerous training workshops but have not been able to utilise those training skills in my current position. This leads to frustration and de-motivation. My typical day at work would be to organise the diary for the GM for the day and then go through my emails. I will attend to any queries and assist with ad-hoc duties. My days are varied and I have small projects that I oversee e.g. setting up the medical products for Home Care clients in our demo centre, from start to finish which includes the budget. I get on well with my co-workers and as I am on the same intellecutal level as they are, I find it difficult to not specialise as they do as I have outgrown my position. The hardest part of my job is being desk bound and not having 3g connectivity to enable me to work flexi hours. The most enjoyable part of my job is learning about the departments processes, trying to be innovative to save money and find easier ways of getting things done by cutting costs. Bursary education and tertiary assistance guaranteedNot flexible enough and no personal development"

Cylinder Sorter (Current Employee) says

"I prepare gas bottles to see if they are in a good condition to be used or refilled,also run qaulity checks. i have learn that safety critical and important.I work well with my co-workers. the hardest part of my job is working in an open area in all weather conditions."

Sales and Services Manager (Transport Supervisor) says

"Good company to work for. Long working hours. Good remuneration good benefits. Nice people to work with. Afrox is a very big company and had a lot off people working for them.Has been a great company to work for in the past.Long ungrateful Hours."

General Manager Tonnage (Former Employee) says

"I would review daily plant productions reports and liaise with each respective Plant Manager to identify performance issues and agree what needed to be focussed on, Then working with Supply Chain determine product availability for the next business day to enable fleet scheduling to be undertaken. Daily interaction with Engineering for updates on current projects and scope meetings to agree required future works to improve reliability and efficiency. At the time the culture lacked the urgency we see in the UK and it was ok to leave things to tomorrow and this permeated the organisation then. Right now I understand that this has been improved on considerably. I enjoyed the opportunity to recruit and develop managers and to see them grow gave me job satisfaction, especially in working with my choice of successor. Hardest part of the job was overcoming the cultural differences between the UK approach and the local approach to working life.Large organisation with scope for advancementextensive travel away from base"

HR FACILITATOR (Former Employee) says

"Innovative, Fund, joyful place. Extremely competitive benefits. Nice Vodashops. Nice Culture. Employee wellbeing taken seriously. Lovely leadership. A culture of growth and development. Fun place to be . Miss the environment. Best job I have ever hadFree LunchesFlexi Hours"

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